The Purples! Natural Dyer's Seed Bundle

$ 17.75

This bundle of four seeds features Bachelor's Buttons, Hollyhock, Hopi Black Dye Sunflower, and Pin Cushion seeds. These flowers all yield soft purples to deep violets to purple grays with a quick iron bath. They are a striking addition to any garden, led alone a dyer's garden! Save a little with a bundle!


These sweet, deep blue Bachelor's Buttons are a dream to grow and yield a lovely soft purple color on fibers. Enjoys sun, but can be content in partial shade. Prefers cooler temperatures. Direct seed, spreading evenly. Pollinator Friendly and edible! Each packet contains about 150 seeds.

Hollyhocks are classic garden flowers. They enjoy the sun, and may not bloom until the second year. Direct sow about a week before last frost has ended. Plant 12” apart, ¼” deep, in damp but well draining soil. Each packet contains about 75 seeds. Harvesting flowers will prolong blooming season! These deep purple hollyhocks will yield a lovely purple dye. Pollinator friendly and native!

These native Hopi sunflowers are happiest in sun. They were originally used by the Hopi people, and thought to be one of the first plants to be domesticated. Direct sow only, 1” deep, 12” apart, after the last frost has passed. Once harvested from the sunflower, the seeds will yield the best, earthy purples and grays with amendments. Each packet contains about 75 seeds. Pollinator friendly and edible!

Pin Cushion, aka Scabiosa, are happiest in the sun. Start seeds indoors or direct sow after threat of last frost has passed. Plant 6-12” apart. Barely cover with soil as light helps with germination, can successively plant every 2-3 weeks. Each packet contains about 75 seeds. Will yield a rich purple, blue hued dye.



All bedhead fiber seeds have been sourced from farms within the US, use organic practices, and are non-gmo.

Photos by Kristina Moravec. Contact bedhead fiber to arrange usage terms.

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