naturally dyed local yarn

a focus on the tactile, the process, the farmers, the soil. naturally dyed yarn from local fiber farmers, dyed with natural sources: plants, bugs, weeds, fungus and more that we grow ourselves or sourced with compassion in Seattle, WA.

As a way to make bedhead fiber products more accessible to marginalized communities, we offer a sponsorship program. These sponsorships enable us to offer a sliding scale approach to bedhead products as well as forms of education in the way of supplies or classes. If you are interested in donating to this program, you can now find listings on under the collection called "sponsorship" (you can also type it in the search bar). If you have a preference of where the funds would apply (yarn, seeds, or education--each will focus on different people), these three categories have different listings. If you are interested in applying to receive sponsorship, please note that sponsorships will be going to support BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color), low income, LGBTQ, and disabled folk in the community.


To be considered for sponsorship, please send an email to with a little bit about yourself.